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EBD086 Life Lessons from Dogs with Cecile Ruelle

A big life lesson is how dogs can pull us out of our busy headspace and into the present moment so that we can enjoy our lives more fully.

You’ve heard Kathy talk about how much we role model for our dogs, but in today’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs, she and her special guest Cecile Ruelle are flipping that notion on its head and showing us how much our dogs role model for us as well!

There is so much to learn at any given moment from our four legged friends, and it stands from being present and in the moment all the way to accepting and loving ourselves as we are, and so much more in between!

Get ready for a conversation charged with appreciation, realization and pure love as these two ladies unfold the life lessons they’ve learned from their favourite beings on earth!

In This Episode:

  • Flipping the script: Can dogs help us be better versions of ourselves by being our role models?
  • The simple things dogs do that come naturally to them, that we as people can struggle with from time to time.
  • How dogs can pull us out of our busy headspace and into the present moment in order to enjoy our lives more fully.
  • Your dogs don’t always have to be actively doing something to enjoy your company!
  • Can a dog’s view of you can help you combat your own inner critic?
  • Forgive yourself as quickly and easily as your dog forgives you.
  • Why is it easier to accept lessons from our dogs than it is to accept lessons from other people?


“Gosh, How much dogs have to teach us and show us if we are only open to receiving their wisdom”

“They remind me that it’s a new start every day and that they’re happy no matter what”

“Having your dogs in your life brings you into the present”

“They are always in the Now, that’s the way they are. That’s not the way we are, so that’s why we have to learn from them”

“They can have a big influence on us if we let them”

“In their eyes, we really are perfect”

“We’re spreading ripples just by being someone who loves dogs”

“Sometimes we’re so disconnected from ourselves that we need them to kind of make the bridge between us and us”

“It’s about making a choice. What do you want to see?”

About Cecile…

Cecile lives in Belgium with her partner and 5 Australian Shepherds. She’s been a professional dog trainer for over 10 years, having turned her passion for dogs into her life’s work.

Cecile is currently in the Dancing Hearts Partnership Certification program and is eager to share partnership principles with her students and clients.

Get in touch with Cecile at:


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