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EBD087 The Habit of Awe

How does creating a habit of awe help in your life with dogs?

Every morning Kathy pauses to stand in awe and wonder of her life with dogs and that’s what she’ll be talking about on today’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs! Gratitude and Love are two topics you’ve definitely heard her address before, but what about having a Habit of Awe?

What is it, how do we feel it, and why is it so important to develop a habit of awe and then intentionally stand in that feeling every now and then? Prepare to be awestruck by the answers as Kathy pulls back the curtain and describes what awe means to her and how she has factored a habit of awe into her daily routine!

In This Episode:

  • Kathy describes a part of her morning ritual: “GLA”
  • How does spending time in a state of awe help in your life with dogs?
  • Being in awe opens a doorway to a life of infinite potential and possibility, but first you have to try it for yourself!


“Every morning I pause to stand in awe and wonder of my life with dogs”

“Experiencing awe causes us, or allows us, to expand ourselves”

“Only brilliance is possible, no matter what the present experience seems to be”

“How would being curious change the way you interact with your dog?”

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