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EBD090 It’s Your Choice – Transactional vs Relational

Do you have a transactional or a relational lifestyle with your dog…and which is better?

Dogs are socially intelligent beings and show human-like social cognition in a variety of ways. You can (and should) use that intelligence to form cooperative partnerships as a lifestyle with your dog.

We have more in common with our dogs than we think. The concept of using our dogs social intelligence to develop meaningful bonds with them is just one of the partnership principles that members of Kathy’s Brilliant Partners Academy live by.

Kathy dives into the topic of transactional vs relational further on this episode of Enlightened By Dogs and divulges some revelations that might surprise you.

One such revelation uncovers the truth about why treats, toys, and games do not build a trusting partnership lifestyle.

Yes, this episode might be a little controversial, but by the end of it, you’re going to have the knowledge, tools, and insight to build a happy and peaceful relational lifestyle with your loyal companion – and what can be better than that?

In This Episode:

  • The difference between having a transactional and relational relationship with your dog
  • What it really means to have a partnership lifestyle with your dog
  • How good leaders make their dog feel safe
  • Why social engagement is so important for both humans and dogs
  • Busting the myth that dogs “aren’t capable of being well behaved without being paid to do so”
  • Five things that we have in common with our dogs
  • Three social needs that we MUST meet for our dogs

Links & Mentions from this episode:


“I don’t want to be my dog’s boss.”

“Because we are social mammals, we are socially intelligent – just like our dogs.”

“The natural response to feeling safe amongst our own is trust and cooperation.”

“Dogs need us to create a circle of safety and the vibe of the family circle is created by us, the dog moms!”

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