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EBD091 Hard Lessons from a Heart Dog

Some of our most important life lessons come from our hardest dogs.

We all have high and low points with our dogs and Kathy is no exception. Like the rest of us, Kathy has had her fair share of challenges and struggles throughout the years. But, instead of looking at them as ‘mistakes,’ or ‘failures,’ – she views them as important life lessons. It was these very same lessons that led Kathy on the path towards enlightenment and she has her hardest dog, a border collie named Phoenix, to thank for it.

In this deep and insightful episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy shares a heart-breaking story that many struggling dog moms will relate to. Hear how she overcame difficult challenges and learn how her hardest dog taught her the true meaning of living a joy-filled partnership lifestyle with dogs.

It’s a candid episode that might just fill your eyes with tears…but your heart with hope.

In This Episode:

  • Kathy talks about a time when she really struggled and almost gave up on her dreams
  • The importance of resilience and not giving up on a hard dog
  • Kathy’s enlightened epiphany that inspired her to chase her dreams
  • Life lessons Kathy learned from the hardest dog she ever had
  • The true meaning of being a great leader for your dog

To read the blog post on this topic, go to: https://dancingheartsdogacademy.com/podcast/ebd091-hard-lessons-from-a-heart-dog/


“Trust is awarded by our dogs to someone that they trust to keep them safe.”

“Dogs are desperate for loving leadership.”

“I dreamt of a million dancing hearts of dog moms just like you and me, living a joy-filled partnership lifestyle with the dogs they loved so much.”

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