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EBD095 Role Modeling Calm for Your Dog

Are you being the calm leader and guide that your dog needs you to be?

When things go south, our dogs look to us for guidance. Whether you realize it or not, you are role modeling for your dog. When you’re stressed and anxious, your dog is stressed and anxious too. When you’re calm and relaxed about a situation, your dog is much more likely to feel calm and relaxed too.

But what happens when unexpected drama erupts, and your dog is triggered?

Kathy has a protocol for that! In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy reveals the inner workings of her ‘Get Back to Grazing’ protocol that she teaches VIP members inside the Brilliant Partners Academy. The Get Back to Grazing Protocol teaches you how be a calm role model for your dog – even when the unexpected happens!\

In This Episode:

  • What the ‘Get Back to Grazing’ protocol is
  • How your dog interprets your emotional and physical responses
  • Breaking down the ‘Get Back to Grazing’ protocol into easy-to-follow steps
  • The importance of protecting your mind from negative thoughts
  • How to defuse a stressful situation

Read the blog post on this topic.


“When we get off balance, our dog gets off balance.”

“We are the ones that our dogs are looking to for what we are supposed to do next.”

“There is no denying that your dog knows your every mood and your every thought.”

“There’s no failures – there are only opportunities to learn.”

“Connect with your dog, love your dog.”

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