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EBD096 How Consent Empowerment Builds Trust with Our Dogs

Do you give your dog the freedom to give their consent?

Allowing your dog to give consent is so powerful because it helps to build trust between you and your best friend. A shift in our intention can change everything for our dogs and, in this special episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy shares how the power of consent can help build trust between you and your dog.

You’ll also get a peek inside a live coaching session between Kathy and members of the Brilliant Partners Academy (BPA). In this session, Kathy speaks to a member about her dog who is reactive at the vets. Hear what advice Kathy has to share with this fellow dog mom and listen to Kathy’s personal story of how she gives consent to one of her own dogs, Sue.

In This Episode:

  • What it means to give your dog consent
  • How to step into the role of a professional for your dog
  • Why you should stop trying to fix your dog
  • How giving your dog consent can help build trust
  • How Kathy gives her dog Sue the freedom to give her consent and how you can do the same

Read the blog post on this topic.


“Moving helps to reduce and process stress hormones.”

“Allowing her the freedom and the agency to give consent for me to put her eye drops in is significant in our relationship and our trust.”

“Look for the micro moments of allowing your dog the freedom to give consent.”

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  1. Your Grace with the dogs is remarkable ! Thank you for helping all of us , to gain our confidence with respect for our 4 legged family members

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