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EBD097 How to Be Safe, Calm and Happy in Difficult Times

Are you finding it hard to feel safe, calm and happy during difficult times?

COVID-19 has caused a great deal of fear, uncertainty, and upheaval around the world. Many of us are in self-isolation and quarantine with our stress buckets filled to the brim. However, even though it seems like the entire world is upside down, it’s more important than ever that you and your dog are there for each other.

Kathy touches on this difficult topic on this episode of Enlightened By Dogs and shares how you can be the partner that your dog needs, even in difficult times like this.

A Brilliant Partnership works both ways – by focusing on building a safe, calm, and happy lifestyle with your dog (even when disaster strikes), you can depend on your dog to be there for you, just like you’re there for them too.

In This Episode:

  • How difficult times impacts your relationship with your dog
  • How to plant the seed of trust in your relationship with your dog
  • How Kathy came up with the idea for Dancing Hearts
  • A look at some of the Dancing Hearts Principles members of BPA live by
  • How to take part in the free 5-day Brilliant Partners Workshop
  • What to expect from the Brilliant Partners Academy and why you should consider joining!

Read the blog post on this topic.


“Our hearts hold the secret for happy living.”

“Role model compassion and respect for all living things.”

“We’re all connected in this magnificent web of life.”

“It’s going to help take your mind off of the stress and overwhelm.”

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