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EBD101 Partnership Games When You’re Stuck Inside with Your Dog

Stuck inside? Dogs driving you a little crazy?

Whether there’s a thunder storm outside or you’re self-isolating because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), being stuck at home all day with a restless (and bored) dog can brew trouble.

We’re talking chewed up shoes, hysterical barking, constant whining for attention…. you get the picture.

So, how can you keep your dogs (and yourself) entertained indoors?

Find out on this week’s episode of the Enlightened By Dogs podcast, where Kathy shares a fun and simple partnership game you can play with your dog when you’re stuck inside and everyone’s going a bit stir crazy!

In This Episode:

  • Hear about Kathy’s younger years when she lived in an apartment in Chicago with her dog, Max
  • 5 steps to play the ‘Find It’ game with your dog indoors
  • Why so many dogs love the ‘Find It’ game
  • How games like this can build the bond between you and your dog and develop communication skills
  • The benefits of playing mentally stimulating games with your dog

 Read the blog post on this topic.


It’s fun, it’s engaging, it enhances our bond and our communication.”

You want your dog to stay engaged. You don’t want your dog to give up or get frustrated.”

This game gives our dogs a mental engagement type of activity.”

Most dogs really love this game.”

We’re practising our partnership skills in this really simple, fun, and easy way.”

The ‘Find It’ game helps to develop our ability to co-regulate with our dogs.”

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