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EBD102 Partnership-Friendly Indoor Activities for You and Your Dog

Looking for some fun activities to keep your dog entertained at home?

Being stuck inside with your dog can be a lot of fun. But sometimes it can be super difficult to keep your pooch entertained, especially if they’re a little hyper or just plain bored of being indoors all day!

So, how can you help your dog burn off energy and have fun with them indoors?

In this episode of the Enlightened By Dogs Podcast, Kathy continues on from episode 101 and shares one of her favorite partnership-friendly games that you can play with your dog in the house.

Oh, and she also digs into some of her best tactics for building your partnership lifestyle with your dog and helps you to discover ways to find your balance in times of stress and uncertainty.

In This Episode:

  • Understanding just how deeply attuned your dog is to your physical, mental, and emotional state
  • How to become a “Zen Master”
  • How to find your center in times of stress and anxiety, etc.
  • Why hide and seek is such a great game to play with your dog
  • How to teach your dog to play hide and seek indoors

Read the blog post on this topic.


Our dogs are deeply attuned to us. They’re keen observers.”

Allow your body, emotions and thoughts to come back into balance.”

Find something that makes you happy (probably your dog) and let that feeling fill your body.”

It teaches our dogs to be attentive to us.”

I’ve never encountered a dog that did not love this game.”

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