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EBD107 Understanding The 4 Barking Triggers

Understanding The 4 Barking Triggers

What are the underlying triggers of unwanted barking?

You know, the real reasons that make your dog bark like their life depends on it. It’s natural for dogs to bark and we shouldn’t try to silence them completely. But, if your dog is excessively barking, it can become a real problem – not just for you, but for your neighbors too!

Understanding what triggers your dog’s barking is vital if you want to resolve the issue. In this episode, Kathy reveals the four barking triggers and what you can do to help overcome them.

Making your dog feel safe, calm, and happy is key for resolving unwanted behavior such as excessive barking. This episode will help you realize this and encourage you to take the first step towards building a brilliant partnership lifestyle for and with your dog.

In this episode:

  • Understanding that behavior is communication
  • Why transactional dog training won’t solve your dog’s behavioral issues
  • What a holistic approach to training looks like
  • The four barking triggers and how to prepare for them


“Dogs lead us into finding what really matters in life.”

“All relationships are based on trust. Trust does not come from transactions.”

“When we have a partnership based lifestyle, we can influence our dogs when they are barking unnecessarily.”

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