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EBD109 What To Do When Your Dog Won’t Listen

What To Do When Your Dog Won't Listen

What should you do when your dog won’t listen to a word you say?

It can be really frustrating when your dog seems to have developed selective hearing, but (believe it or not) your dog isn’t ignoring you on purpose!

That’s one of the great things about dogs. They aren’t spiteful or vengeful beings. They don’t go out of their way to ignore you. So, what should you do when your dog won’t listen?

On this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy reveals how you can develop a closer bond with your dog and reveals what you need to do to change your story from ‘my dog won’t listen’ to my dog loves to listen!

In this episode:

  • The real reason why your dog won’t listen to you
  • Why you need to reframe your thinking to help develop a deeper understanding about your dog
  • Why you need to learn to listen to your dog
  • The importance of making sure your dog’s needs are met
  • How to be a better role model for your dog
  • Why you need to pay attention to how you interact with your dog
  • How to develop a deeper bond with your dog so that they start to listen to you more


“Our dogs are communicating their desire for what they want and what they mean.”

“We can teach them how to communicate by listening in a different way.”

“If we’re going to step into our role as a guide and role model, then we’ve got to figure out a different way to be in the moment.”

“We want to strive for connection instead of correction.”

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  1. Thank you for this podcast. I’ve been working with a Student and her sometimes “reactive” dog. I really don’t care for that term. You have such a fabulous way of putting things, rephrasing your meaning and “breaking” what you are describing to us. I loved the RE-FRAMING your thought process. Very helpful.

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