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Bonus! Trust Changed Everything for My Anxious Reactive Dog

The difference between trust and trustworthiness uncovered from working with an anxious reactive dog!

Welcome to the Enlightened by Dogs podcast hosted by the illuminating Kathy Kawalec. Enlightened by Dogs focuses on the human-dog connection and our becoming partners with our dogs. You will learn strategies that will inspire you!

In this episode Kathy speaks with a good friend, Deb Bauer, regarding trust and trustworthiness. Deb is an amazing woman who runs the program Both Ends of the Leash giving dogs a second chance in a very special and unique way.

Deb is an expert in dog behavior, holistic healing, training and living with blind and deaf dogs, and much more. Deb is focuses on living a good life with her own dogs who have disabilities and are ambassadors for communication beyond what we typical expect.

When Deb brought home her promising dog sport prospect after thoroughly researching and locating her ideal next partner … she was dismayed and disheartened when Brinks became an anxious reactive dog, in spite of all her expert strategies.

Listen to discover:

  • Deb’s many different contributions in the world of dogs
  • Expertise and advise regarding different types of behavior our dogs display
  • What these behaviors can mean
  • How to rectify certain behaviors
  • A case study that involves the topic of trust and trustworthiness between a human and her dog, learned from this anxious reactive dog
  • Shocking reactions to puppy class
  • A story about giving up control / taking off the trainer hat
  • Giving your dog a reason to trust you / how to be trustworthy


“I did all the things you’re ‘supposed to do’ as a trainer, but nothing was working”

“He felt like he had to take matters into his own hands because he did not trust that I would keep him safe”

“I stopped trying to fix my dog and developed a trusting partnership instead”

“It takes a lot of courage to try something outside of the norm, but when I did, it changed everything”

“I learned how to be trustworthy in his eyes. Finally, he could relax because he knew, without a doubt, that I always had his back”

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