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ENCORE! Rescue Dog Rehab: Desperate to Brilliant

This Dog Was Fearful AND a Compulsive Chaser of Animals – Sue and Charlie’s story of Rescue Dog Rehab

In this episode, Kathy has a very special guest, Sue Mimm, who is a dog behavior consultant. When Sue adopted Charlie, a rescue dog, and saw his behavior issues, she realized she had a lot more to learn about dogs.

Charlie’s extreme behaviors were more than this family envisioned when they adopted him, even knowing they faced a rescue dog rehab. This is truly a heart-warming story where training and behavior meet heart and soul.

Listen to find out more on Sue and Charlie’s inspirational and educational journey…

  • Behaviors that Charlie demonstrated which caused Sue alarm and caused her to realize this was no ordinary rescue dog rehab
  • Sue describes Jekyll and Hyde – her adopted dog had behaviors from one extreme to the other
  • What helped Charlie overcome his fears and negative behaviors
  • Function differences between being in class and real life for this rescue dog rehab journey

Listen to discover more about the lessons and solutions Kathy discusses with Sue:

  • The event Sue calls the turning point with Charlie
  • What now?
  • Sue describes feeling frustrated and struggling with the disharmony between Charlie’s behavior and her family
  • What immediately halted Sue’s desire to give up and return Charlie to the rescue center
  • The mind-shift and actions that helped both Sue and Charlie achieve progress, and gave them a deep resounding connection


“I was asking him to do my bidding instead of listening to what he needed.”

“I became a better listener”

“The family, including our dogs, went on a mega-adventure and Charlie was amazing!”

“I didn’t have to train him not to chase sheep.”

“We learned together. He learned to trust me.”

“Clarity chart was key. What became important was for me to focus on him and not the distraction.”

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