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EBD112 Your Perfect Dog

Your Perfect Dog

Do you believe that your dog is perfect? Does a ‘perfect dog’ even exist?

It’s surprisingly easy to slip down the rabbit hole of thinking that your dog is less than perfect. One minute you could be telling everyone you meet about your perfect dog and the next minute, your dog is the reason you want to scream out loud at the top of your lungs.

The problem is that focusing on everything you perceive as ‘wrong’ with your dog only gets in the way of your happiness, and it’s time to change that. On this special episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy reminds you that your dog IS perfect.

Kathy helps you to start enjoying your perfect life with your perfect dog by reminding you why you have a dog in the first place, and how to accept your dog for who they are in this stage of your lives together.

In this episode:

  • Why you need to focus on the ‘main thing’
  • Why your perception of the ‘perfect dog’ is unrealistic
  • Why you have a dog in your life and why this should be your ‘main thing’
  • Studies that show the benefits of having a dog in your life
  • How to meet your dog where they are
  • Why you should accept that your dog is perfect just the way they are
  • Learn how to grow and get better with your dog

Read the blog post on this topic.


“Dogs help us live a fuller life filled with curiosity, laughter, delight, joy and experimentation”

“When a dog sees their human, their brain secretes the same substance as ours when we’re in love”

“Having dogs enables me to learn how to be a better human and a better version of myself”

“Bring your dog into the equation and stay connected with your dog”

“Keep imagining your perfect life with your perfect dog”

Mentioned in this episode:

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