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EBD115 Happy or Frenzied? How to Know What Your Dog Is Feeling (Part 2)

EBD115 Happy or Frenzied? How to Know What Your Dog Is Feeling (Part 2)

How can you tell what your dog is feeling? And, how do know if your dog is truly happy?

These are BIG questions. We all want to make sure that our dogs are happy and they’re enjoying their live to the fullest. Nobody wants their dog to feel sad, frightened, over-aroused, or distressed. But, understanding how your dog really feels takes time. It’s easy to misinterpret your dog’s emotions and feelings because they don’t show their feelings in the same way as humans.

So, how can you know what your dog is really feeling?

In this ‘behind-the-scenes’ episode of Enlightened By Dogs, you’ll get to hear a part of a coaching session from inside the Brilliant Partners Academy! Kathy explains why it’s so easy to misinterpret our dog’s feelings and she shares how to know what your dog is really feeling.

In this episode:

  • How stress impacts you and your dog
  • How to tell if you and your dog need a ‘stress reset’
  • Hear some amazing case-study examples from BPA members
  • How to know what your dog is feeling
  • The problem with having a transactional relationship with your dog
  • The truth about how much high-energy activity your dog needs each day

Read How to Know What Your Dog Really Feels


“Relaxation does not mean inactivity!”

“You and your dog need a stress RESET”

“Dogs are as socially intelligent as humans”

“People have fast turnarounds when the humans commit themselves to being brilliant partners”

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