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EBD116 Better Dog Behavior and Your Best Self

Better Dog Behavior and Your Best Self

Do you want to leverage your best self and become the person you always wanted to be? Not only that, but become the person that your dog needs you to be?

Kathy believes that you can work on yourself while simultaneously building your partnership with your dog. To help you achieve that level of brilliant partnership, Kathy is sharing a series of fun exercises to help you improve your partnership with your dog on this episode of the Enlightened By Dogs podcast.

These exercises are designed to help you get in touch with what your best self is, what those qualities are, and what your dog needs from you. Many members of the Brilliant Partners Academy have completed these exercises and seen incredible results. They became the best version of themselves, their perspective changed, and their dogs blossomed too!

So, are you ready to improve your partnership with your dog? Let’s get into the exercises!

In this episode:

  • What you can learn from other dog people
  • How to identify qualities you admire in other dog moms
  • Why you should think about the qualities that your dog values in you and other humans
  • How to express the qualities that your dog admires in everyday life
  • Why you tend to resonate with some qualities more than others
  • How to create positive affirmations to help you live a happy life with your dog

Read Fun Exercises to Improve Your Partnership with Your Dog.


“Discover the qualities that your dog most values in you as a human and expand those because you already have them”

“You have qualities that your dog admires”

“Create a process of affirmation that you can use every day that will remind you of how you choose to live with your dog”

“Let’s help spread some partnership magic around the planet”

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