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EBD118 Why Training Doesn’t Work in Real Life

Why Training Doesn’t Work in Real Life

Do you ever feel like your dog “forgets” their training as soon as you leave the house? Walking your dog around the house or garden is one thing. Transitioning those skills to places outside of those areas is an entirely different story and often, the perfect recipe for disaster.

After weeks or even months of practicing walking in harmony with your dog, it can be really disappointing when everything you’ve been training for goes out the window the moment you go to the park or wander too far from home.

So, why does this keep happening? Why, even with a lot of training and practice, do you still struggle to walk in partnership with your dog?

You’ll discover the answer on this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, where Kathy continues to share key segments from a coaching session with members of the Brilliant Partners Academy for her 3-part mini series on how to walk in partnership with your dog.

In this episode, Kathy dives into why training doesn’t work in real life, what causes the difficulty in translating those skills to real life, and what you can do about it!

In this episode:

  • Why it seems like your training is forgotten in real life
  • Why you shouldn’t get lost in your thoughts
  • Why walking your dog in harmony is a lot like walking with a toddler
  • What keeps you from walking in partnership with your dog (and what to do about it!)

Read Why Your Dog “Forgets” their Training During Walks.


“There’s an inherent, natural and authentic mechanism amongst us as a social species that allows us to connect with another and walk together in harmony”

“Let’s step into our dog’s paws… and help them to step into our shoes.”

“Always look for the few core pieces that we need to have a transformation”

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