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EBD119 Unconditional Love is Not Contingent Upon Behavior

Unconditional Love is Not Contingent Upon Behavior

In its purest form, unconditional love is not contingent upon your dog’s behavior. Yes, you might get frustrated or even angry when your dog misbehaves, but you don’t stop loving them because of it.

There’s a reason why Kathy refers to members of the Brilliant Partners Academy as ‘dog moms.’ It’s because you are, in a sense, your dog’s mom. When you love a dog, you love them like a mother. Their behavior does not influence that love. You love them no matter what they do. We love our dogs unconditionally, regardless of how they behave or how many shoes they chew up!

In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, you’ll hear part 3 of the 3-part series Kathy has shared on walking through life in partnership with your dog. In this episode, Kathy digs deeper into the unconditional love that dog moms have for their dogs and what this really means.

Listen in to develop a deeper understanding of what lies beneath your dog’s behavior, and how you can get back to loving and appreciating your dog!

In this episode:

  • Understanding the power of a mother’s love
  • What unconditional love really means
  • What it means to be a mother (or a dog mom)
  • Why mothering isn’t something you can learn, it comes from within
  • How reward-based training can make our love for our dogs conditional
  • How to embrace your motherly instincts

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“Loving your dog unconditionally is not contingent upon your dog’s behavior”

“Do you need to be a biological mother to be a mother to another?”

“Just because we have… a strong desire to love our dogs unconditionally, does that mean we always behave that way?”

You and your dog are perfect.”

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  1. It’s easy to be a mum as dogs give back so much , & you don’t have to be birth mum. Just ask my 2 boys( men now ) adopted loved as much possibly more than any child born to any woman
    I’ve always had a special feeling for dogs , though my new pup is frazzling me a little Lol she’s A Great Pyrenees just 4 months today , strong character & big.
    Thank you I’m enjoying your pods etc Trish

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