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EBD121 First-time Dog Mom with Reactive Dog Turns Their Life Around!

First-time Dog Mom with Reactive Dog Turns Their Life Around!

Can you imagine being a first-time dog mom with a reactive dog that just won’t listen to you?

This is the situation that first-time dog mom, Paulina, found herself in after adopting a reactive dog named Badi. Paulina struggled to understand Badi and couldn’t figure out why he always barked at other dogs and things outside the window. This caused Paulina to judge herself and to compare her dog with others, creating more frustration for both of them.

Now? Life has completely changed for them both. They understand each other on a much deeper level and Paulina has learned to listen to her dog. In this special episode of Enlightened By Dogs, you’ll hear all about how this first-time dog mom learned to listen and love her reactive dog named Badi. You’ll also get a unique insight into the Brilliant Partners Academy from the perspective of a first-time dog mom.

In this episode:

  • An overview of the problems that Badi and Paulina faced before joining BPA
  • How life has changed since joining BPA
  • The life-changing protocols that helped Badi and Paulina develop a deeper bond
  • What Paulina has to say about her experience with BPA and why she recommends it for not just first-time dog moms, but all dog moms!

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“Our dogs are such great teachers if we just pay attention”

“The partnership lifestyle is like literally the best thing”

“I’m so grateful for all the lessons that he’s giving me, even though the beginning was super hard”

“I’m sometimes role modelling for him, but there are times when he’s role modelling for me”

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