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EBD126 Banking Trust And Recovering From Traumatic Experiences

EBD126 Banking Trust and Recovering from Traumatic Experiences

Do you want to start banking trust with your dog? The more trust your dog has in you, the better prepared you will both be when confronted with an unexpected or traumatic event.

If your dog has experienced a traumatic event or has PTSD from such an event, supporting and making your dog feel safe is so important. As dog moms (and human beings), we hate to see a dog in any pain or emotional distress. If we could protect all of the dogs in the world from such things, we would. Unfortunately, we can’t protect every dog, but we can be there for our own.

In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, you’ll learn how you can start banking trust with your dog and what you can do to help your best friend recover from traumatic experiences. I also share how learning how you should behave during and after an unfortunate incident could save your dog from a lot of stress, anxiety, and further trauma.

In this episode:

  • How to be the person that your dog finds trustworthy
  • Why communication and connection are so important
  • How to start banking trust with your dog
  • How to behave and recover from a traumatic event

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“How you behave during & after a traumatic event is more important than what actually happened during the traumatic event.”

“We can teach our puppies to move toward us for comfort and love and protection.”

“We can show our dogs that that scary thing is not going to harm us through our own behaviour…that way, we’re letting our dog know that we are keeping them safe.”

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  1. I just signed up for your Dancing Dogs Academy, I have 2 mini-aussies. One is regular size, and the other only 14″. The smaller one got attacked in a dog park and I had to rush him to the vet with a hole in his throat. Since that time the larger, younger dog attacks the smaller one, sometimes when he just walks in the room, and other dogs when they come running at him. I have had stiches and infections from trying to break up the fights. I assume they lost confidence that I could protect them, which is why I wanted to hear this podcast. Boogie (the younger, larger dog) is the one who bites me during fights. He is also very loving and wants hugs and pets a lot. He is also a goofball and makes me laugh, but I have to get the attacks under control, so I can be around my family and they all believe their dogs will be safe. We’ve done obedience and agility training. Hoping this course and information will help us. Thanks for the hope.

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