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EBD131 When Your Family Doesn’t Agree

EBD131 When Your Family Doesn't Agree

What should you do if your family isn’t on board with your goal of creating a partnership lifestyle with your dog?

Many people assume that if the whole family isn’t on board, it’s impossible to create a partnership lifestyle. While it can make it slightly more challenging for some, not everyone in the family has to follow “the rules” for you to develop a loving connection with your dog. Of course, it would help if everyone in the family followed your lead, but don’t worry if that’s not feasible.

You can still build a brilliant partnership with your dog whether your family are on board or not! Kathy explains how in this episode of the Enlightened By Dogs podcast, where she shares a very special segment from a coaching session with a member of the Brilliant Partners Academy. This dog mom is dealing with the common issue of having a family who isn’t on board with everything she has learned about the partnership lifestyle. So, Kathy shares some of her best tips and strategies to help her and other dog moms make the partnership lifestyle work when their families disagree!

In this episode:

  • Why it doesn’t matter if your family doesn’t agree with what you are doing to create a partnership lifestyle with your dog
  • How family members will gradually mirror what you’re doing with your dog
  • How to take responsibility without confrontation
  • Understanding that dogs behave differently with different people

Read the blog post on this topic.


“You can take responsibility for certain things are likely to be confusing for the dog”

“Dogs can have different relationships with each family member”

“Our dogs can definitely learn and change”

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