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Do you practice gratitude? It’s well-known that having an active gratitude practice can make you happier and healthier, but when you’re always so busy, when can you find the time to do it?

There’s no better time to appreciate the smaller things in life than on your daily dog walk. Whether your dog is up to something silly or you just feel that connection between yourself and them, taking a moment to notice your wonderful partnership is a great way to start a gratitude practice.

While it’s easy to feel grateful when things are going well, it’s necessary to practice it when things aren’t. In this poignant episode of the Enlightened By Dogs podcast, Kathy shares how her daily gratitude practice is helping with her grief after loss.

Listen in to find out what you can gain from adopting a gratitude practice and how it can help you find joy in your life, even in the most difficult moments.

In this episode:

  • The benefits of practicing gratitude
  • How Kathy uses her daily dog walk in her gratitude practice
  • Why appreciating the small things makes a big difference
  • How trust leads to fun and freedom
  • Tips for starting a gratitude practice

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“People who are grateful tend to be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled”

“I love how I can have so much fun and freedom with my dogs because of our partnership lifestyle”

“Gratitude can really help us to get through those difficult times”

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33 Responses

  1. Practicing gratitude not only helps us keep the big picture in sight but also truly recognize the things we need to appreciate more in our lives

  2. “A brilliant life with your dog makes your whole life brilliant!”!!! I LOVE THIS takeaway from today’s “Gratitude” podcast. I’ve kept a Gratitude Journal this year as part of my 2020 CAPP goals. I have yet to reread my journal and don’t want to yet. But certainly having a brilliant partnership with my dogs has opened up our world to more fully enjoy our journeys together!

  3. It’s easy to get caught up in the troubles and challenges and then they start looping. The small moments get lost in the loop. Connection, dialogue, trust. Partners in possibility. Strong back, soft heart.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful podcast! I always feel happier and more inspired after the podcasts, coaching calls, and reading others’ experiences on the Brilliant Partners Facebook group.

    I LOVE the idea of gratitude practice. I grew up in a negative and stressful household. My parents, especially my mother, always tend to look at the glass half empty rather than half full. I am incredibly grateful that my dog has adopted us because if it wasn’t for him, I probably would have never found the Dancing Hearts Academy. I have not been able to spend as much time on the program as I would have liked, BUT I am always learning so much and I have become a much happier/appreciative person since I have joined. I am looking forward to adding the gratitude practice to my daily life and continuing to grow on this amazing journey.

  5. My biggest takeaway is to be grateful to Kathy Kawalec for teaching the gratitude attitude. Ever since I heard her speak about the importance of that practice during our Coaching Calls and in the Masterclasses, I have embraced it into my daily life. I start and end each day with at least three gratitudes. It is so true that it helps me and my dogs thrive and grow into a better versions of ourselves. Gratitude is also helping me/us, cope with all the challenges of the pandemic.

  6. I love this pod cast, I have been following your lead in gratitude practice since starting Capp in 2020, it has helped so much. It started off being difficult but now, it’s just a part of our morning walk, we set off connect, enjoy nature, the peace and my thoughts slip into gratitude it sets up my day. Looking forward to 2021 I’m taking with me the statement’Partners in possibility ‘ as we look forward. Thank you for thinking of ‘me’as you started your day

  7. Thank you for the reminder not to let small things and small moments of joy go unnoticed! I want to become more intentional and present about feeling gratitude in my everyday life, and I can see how it will help me to be really myself.
    I am feeling blessed to share my life with our doggy family, living examples of joy, who help me stay connected to the bright side of life 😉

  8. 2020 was a challenging year, but being in Brilliant Partners Academy taught me how to be grateful, to practice gratitude and to be energized by the goodness in my life. Being grateful lifts me and my dogs up everyday in joy and curiosity about all the wonder in our lives. I now practice living “ heart forward “ and the possibilities that await us are our North Star.

  9. My takeaway from this episode is to be present and aware of every moment so that you don’t miss all the lovely ones which you are grateful for. Take these moments and keep them in mind to remember them in hard times. ❤️

  10. Kathy, I send my deepest condolences to you on your losses.

    I had started a gratitude journal many years prior to my first CAPP year, but CAPP solidified a daily practice of writing in the journal. I keep it next to my “sitting spot,” so I can write any time of the day, even though my specific time is in the evening.. My dogs are more often than not one at least one of the entries. They have especially been important this year, because except for co-workers, I’ve had little physical contact with friends. When I started to write my Christmas letter, I wondered what I could say when so much did not happen this year. I turned it into a letter of gratitude!

    Thank you for this reminder to turn parts of my day into intentional gratitude, in addition to writing in the journal. I am grateful for you!

    I don’t expect 2021 to suddenly change the things over which I have no control, but I am still filled with hope, because of my faith, my dogs, and my attitude of gratitude. I am looking forward to restarting with CAPP 2021.

  11. “Be bold with a wild heart – become heart-centred partners in possibility”- is my takeaway from this amazing “Gratitude” podcast. During the last year thanks to several of Kathy’s programmes my gratitude practice has become an integral part of each day, helping me to see the tiny detail of what makes my dogs unique. In turn, they are able to be expressive , confident individuals knowing that I celebrate and appreciate their very essence – even when we are sharing the toughest of times. Kathy, thank you for your wisdom.

  12. My #1 takeaway from this wonderful episode is that I am not alone in how I’m feeling and how we are struggling. While it’s not great that we are all having difficulties in our lives, it’s uplifting to hear that there is hope for my dog and me, we just need to be grateful and take each day at a time. I’ve struggled a lot with slowing down and practicing gratitude in many areas of my life, especially in the last year, so this podcast was a great reminder to just keep going.

  13. I’ve practiced gratitude for may years, but one of the main themes of gratitude in my life is my dogs… over and over. They bring me such joy, they are my happy place and sometimes my refuge. They have kept me going I don’t know how many times. Since I have come a part of BPA, that has grown and blossomed and become so much more precious to me. I have come to realize that even tho this year has been so very difficult in so many ways,, I need my BeePee’s…… I am so very grateful to be a part.

  14. My #1 takeaway from this warm gratitude reminder is to find the right time for me to practice gratitude. Even though I find grateful in nature and life with dogs usually every day, I don’t always stop my thoughts long enough to embrace it. Kathy’s podcast somehow (as they always do!) spoke to me and helped opened my eyes that a different time feels better than what I’ve tried before and will best work in my life to practice gratitude. This in itself is something to feel grateful about.

  15. My #1 takeaway, which felt like it hit me on the head with a tonne of bricks, was how easy it is to notice and focus on all the things that have gone wrong during the day. I find it so easy to get caught up in that and realised I hardly ever think about what went right during the day. I do practice gratitude and give thanks for the previous day on waking each morning. I shall try to focus on more things that were good and went ok each evening.

  16. GRATITUDE. This is one of my favorite mantras in life! But, it is good to be reminded and this podcast really hit home in this year that has made it so difficult to remain grateful.
    My #1 #takeaway is to remember to apply this to my partnerships with my dogs and to remember why my “hard” dog, Bella, came into my life. I am so grateful for all I have learned, and still learning, from her. If not for her, I would not have found this awesome group, Brilliant Partners Academy, or Kathy Kalawec, who is a most awesome life teacher, even aside from dog partnership!!💗💗

  17. A year ago I was so burnt out and experienced for the first time a complete loss of dreams, motivation, happiness- I just felt miserable. My daughter gave me a gratitude journal to help me back on my feet, and I couldn’t even think of one thing to write in it even though my life is full of good things. Through BPA, I started finding myself again and especially this podcast brings the point of being grateful intentionally to me. To see the special moments and love them as they happen, even in the presence of grief, or especially in those sad moments there is still deep gratitude for life and all its gifts. Now I can find gratitude for many things each day and feel so much more at peace with myself. The biggest takeaway is that my emotional vulnerability and empathy is one of my strengths and not a weakness.

  18. Practicing gratitude is a part of my daily life. This reminder to focus on that, in spite of my new puppy testing my patience throughout the day, was much needed. In spite of 2020s difficulties, I’m so blessed to have this new little soul to share my life with and love.

    Kathy, thank you for your open heart and willingness to encourage us even when you are going through challenges of your own.

  19. My number 1 Takeaway from this podcast was to practice the attitude of gratitude. I loved the joy Kathy appreciates in her dog. I appreciate the joy and life in Buddy. He is so proud when he is running with his stick or his ball. He adds a lot of joy to my life after I lost two elderly dogs one in April and one in June. I am going to try and find happiness in small things. I appreciate these podcasts and I love Kathy’s enthusiasm.

  20. Wow…partners in possibility….how doing daily gratitude practice opens up new ideas, experiences and a more trusting relationship with my dogs…this will hopefully help us with our partnership together.
    I am moving 200 miles to start a new life with just me and my dogs….I am so grateful I have this opportunity in life…I want to be focusing on the simple things in life and doing this will help me to do this….I cannot wait for 2021 and a fresh start xx

  21. My #1 takeaway is to be sincere with my reasons to be grateful, not to just list them but to really mean them. Especially when life is hard. I’m very grateful to have found you 💖

  22. Hi!
    I’m just now grateful for my dog’s going out inspire of noise outside

    I’m grateful that she is here (we spend Christmas together) and I could phone with my daughter, for my daughter and my dog are the most important beings in my life

    I’m grateful for my friends, too, and for my dog being so loving and interested in friends and people, inspite her 11 years (and many people not being very friendly). For her touching people and greeting them, nethertheless

    And for her being my best friend..

    Gratitude for me has another important part: being in friendship with myself and life and my dog. Otherwise I couldn’t enjoy life inspite of all the difficulties..

    Best wishes
    Beate and kaja

  23. Thank you for this beautiful podcast and the reminder to practice gratitude!
    My number 1 #Takeaway: my journey has just begun, but since BPA has come into my life I feel my mindset has changed already and I feel so much more powerful and full of energy!

  24. What a beautiful podcast! So very sorry for your loss! ❤
    My #1 takeaway is to be more present in the moment and grateful for even the small things that make up the fabric of my entire life. And grateful I found BPA this year!

  25. Thank you for a beautiful podcast. Yes, 2020 has been a challenge, but there are many moments to be grateful. I named my puppy that I got this year “Grace”, for being a blessing in my life. Now, I can be reminded of that ever time I say her name. And by the way, my husband noticed and said to me how much Gracie likes for him to say her name. And I’m thinking he doesn’t know how I worked for her to be happy when I say her name, but that’s okay because he did notice how happy it made her and I’m grateful for that. : )

  26. My takeaway is to get better at defining goals. I have started to learn to stay present and appreciate all the little moments of the big picture but I struggle to plan for the future. My challenge is having clarity of what I want and how to create the baby steps. Goal setting is my challenge.

  27. My take away from this podcast is that by having a gratitude journal it will give you a chance to focus on finding the good in your life. I am thankful that this has been part of my life for years. Especially in 2015 when I found myself in a very depressing nursing home for 2 months. Unable to the simple task of self care such as getting dressed, brushing my hair, using the bathroom by myself. About the only thing I could do for myself was feed myself when food was served to me. During that time I started each day out with writing in my gratitude journal. Finding and meditating on the good things in my life. Because I did this I started each day out with a smile and a feeling that good things are part of my life. I have continued with that practice. I have shared and started my grandchildren and the 2 other girls I teach on Wednesdays. When I have the girls on Wednesday after breakfast we share share 3 things that we are grateful for or that make us happy. I have given each child their own journal and special pen to continue this practice at home. It was a wonderful feeling last week when I finished clearing the breakfast dishes to return and find one of the 8 yr olds had her journal out and was already writing what she was grateful for. I hope she and the rest of the children will continue this practice. It is such a nice way to start your day out. Feeling up beat.

  28. Gratitude- make it a habit! Grow the gratitude practice with intention daily. Notice joy everywhere, even in smallest moments and joy will grow. Turn mind to focus on being partners in possibilities and drop old limiting stories. Whew! Smiling just thinking about it😊

  29. Sorry to hear about your losses Kathy.
    I have been keeping a gratitude diary every day for 526 days now, and have no intention of stopping any time soon! It is the best thing for my mental health. Thank you for all you do.

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