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EBD134 You’re Invited to Get Happy

You're Invited to Get Happy

2020 hasn’t been the easiest year for any of us. It’s been tough and it’s about time we welcomed some joy and happiness into our lives, don’t you think?

You’ve probably heard the saying that happiness is a choice, and that is true to some extent. Of course, being happy is easier said than done, especially if you’re going through a difficult time.

As we approach the new year, it’s a good time to think about what we can do to make sure 2021 is a better year filled with happiness and joy. So, how can you invite more happiness into your life?

In this special episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy reveals five tips to help you invite more happiness into your life and the life you share with your dog (or dogs).

In this episode:

  • How the Law of Resonance works and how you can use it to bring more positivity your way
  • Learn how your thoughts and emotions attract the same type of energy back to you
  • How to prepare for all the things you are anticipating
  • Why you need to clarify what you really desire
  • Why you should break things down into manageable chunks
  • The importance of expressing gratitude

Read the blog post on this topic.


“When you love what you already have in your life, you will get more of what you love”

“Take some time to listen to what’s deep inside your heart, not your head”

“Your mind cannot be occupied with worry, fears, anxiety, and endless what ifs if you are in the middle of being grateful”

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22 Responses

  1. I really want to be clearer about what I want, clarity helped me in so many points up to now but I think I can take a more proactive approach. Babysteps, sometimes I am not so clever in chunking things out, but hey, I can get help and I will have closer look at what can be bettered and in what tiny steps. And last not least I will focus more and more on all the good and beautiful stuff I already have with my dog and drop looking at what is missing unless I am in baby step planning stage. Thanks.

  2. Top 3 things that I will implement from the 5 tips of the Podcast “You’re Invited to Get Happy”
    1. Resonance – By loving what I already have and expressing gratitude, I will attract more of what I have that is good -like attracts like.
    2. Do my de-brief/s to understand what needs changing
    3. Clarity – Be clear about what I really want – connect to it – then create baby steps to get there – go slow …………………

  3. My takeaways from this episode are:
    Find something you love in everything you do and be grateful for it. This will attract more of these good things.
    Don’t focus too much on the big dream. Figure out baby steps to reach your dream and be grateful for every win you get.
    Don’t expect too much before you do something. Think about little things you can improve and enjoy the path to success.

  4. Top 3 things I will implement:
    1) Practice gratitude/be grateful for the companionship between you and your dog. Both of you are worthy of that.
    2) Taking one baby step at a time while introducing something new or even when encountering something new – this helps to scale back, if necessary, and it makes it easier to do so.
    3) Live in/focus on the present – even if something unpleasant happens, focusing on the what-ifs removes you from the present and either flings you back to the past or to an unforeseen future.

  5. The top three things I want to implement is
    1) Implementing and living in the Law of Resonance
    2) Clarity. I would like to become more specifically clear on what exactly I want
    3) Living in the present and being more connected to my dogs and the people in my life

  6. Top 3 Things To Implement:
    1- Appreciate daily what I already have.
    2- Clarity…get clear with my heart desires
    3- Fill my heart and head with Grateful
    …which leads me back to #1!!!
    But, in my case, always underscoring #4…Chunking things down!

  7. Top three:

    1. Appreciating what I have and being grateful in everything
    2. Anticipating good things for the future
    3. Breaking things into manageable chunks

    Living in the moment!!

  8. 1. LOVE what’s already in my life. Practice gratitude daily. Fill up my head and heart with grateful.
    2. PLAN for great things to happen ( prepare for the delivery). Part of this plan included making TIME for the good stuff to come into my life.
    3. Listen to my heart – not my head!!

  9. 1’. First and foremost, loving what I already have in my life!
    2. A piece I believe I’ve been missing…getting ready for what I’m anticipating, planning and getting organized.
    3. Instead of how do I want my life to look like, I plan to start thinking about how I want to feel. Feeling resonates with me and I think will help me make more progress.

  10. First and Foremost I need to be thankful and grateful for what I have in my life. The more grateful I am the more of the same I will attract to my life.
    I need to anticipate what I will do when more of what I love comes to my life. I need to prepare myself.
    I need to do debriefs if I make an error and not dwell on it.
    I need to chunk things down and do baby steps. Great habits are not formed over night.
    I am so grateful for the Dancing Hearts Academy and the positive and upbeat attitude that Kathy Kawalec and her teachers have.

  11. Look forward to all the gifts 2021 will bring with excitement rather than worry and anxiety. Plan and be prepared so I’m ready when it happens.
    Count my blessings each day as I continue to practice gratitude as part of my daily ritual.
    Follow my heart not my head, explore my feelings when I want a thing. How will it make me feel, use baby steps to achieve my goals, just a little bit every day in order to achieve my dreams

  12. My 3 takeaways-
    1 change my focus to love what I have instead of being anxious about what I lack
    2 be clear about what I want so I can attract it to my life….but think about how I feel not items or behaviours of my dogs I want
    3 baby steps…dont be overwhelmed by the end result, but also enjoy the journey and be grateful of the little steps we achieve together

  13. Gratitude is so important in my life and I wil recognize gratitude daily.
    I will be clear with what my goals are to level up my partnership with my dogs.
    My dogs remind me every day how to be joyful and loving. Toby keeps me active and on task. Bella gives unconditional love to everyone and snuggles with my husband to keep his blood pressure down.
    When my dogs are having a hard time, I will remember to understand with my heart and my love and use baby steps to help them become more resilient. 💚

  14. I need to really know what I want, it’s not easy. I’m going to work hard on being I the grateful loop, this year has been very difficult, I want next year to be different. Baby steps will continue to be my way forward., concentrating on getting better at working them out.

  15. It’s hard to choose just three things when they’re really all intertwined. But #1… Count my blessings before getting put of bed and before falling asleep. I have developed a habit of thinking at might about what I would do if I won the lottery. It’s definitely not all selfishness, but it includes things that currently create anxiety. #2…. Be thankful for what I have, because it’s truly a lot. Expand my gratitude practices. #3…. Get ready for great stuff. Be clear, plan, do baby steps, and listen to my heart.

  16. Three takeaways ( and there are more)
    1. get set up mentally to be ready to be happy
    2. Listen to my heart, my feelings are my guide to what I really want in my life
    3. When your mind is focused on being happy and grateful, it can’t be focused on the opposite

  17. This book “The Lost Mode of Prayer,” by Gregg Braden, is amazing, thank you!
    3 takeaways:
    – Let feelings of gratitude flow as I appreciate what I already have;
    – Attune to myself and to my heart to get ready to what I am anticiating;
    – Connect to my feelings to stay in touch with what really matters to me, no matter what others may think.

  18. My top 3 takeaways are:
    1) Showing my Yorkie Pepino in mini baby steps to come for a cuddle with me.
    2) Gratitude is already a big part of my life, but even more so since I recently became aware of the needs of factory farm animals.
    3)Making it clearer for myself where this new journey is leading me, what exactly do I want to accomplish?

  19. My biggest takeaways were:

    Listen to my heart to learn about that which is most important for me to pursue.
    Notice, and be grateful for the smallest wins and celebrate to “grow” more.
    Re-frame my thoughts so that I can enjoy and have gratitude, for what my dogs and I
    have /or are doing now. This is also true for career related desires. Positive energy
    resonates and creates more positive events. Control my thought and find ways to
    think of, and create positive and happy thoughts so that the dogs and my/our life
    experience are joyful, even in challenging times.

  20. The three tips I am going to take away from this is to resonate more of what I want in my life. Because what I resonates is what I will attract more of in my life. To take a lesson from Paddy. To live in the moment. And to express gratitude for what I have in my life.

  21. Know from my heart what is truly important to me and understand how I want to feel in daily situations .
    Plan out the baby steps to move in that direction,
    All the while, with calm ,confidence and joy, listening for feedback. Utilize debriefing to help clarify what needs modification.
    We chose what we think in every moment which leads to- this is my favorite phrase— an ever-increasing spiral of happiness!
    Woot woot!

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