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EBD135 Becoming a Winning Team

Becoming a Winning Team

Do you dream of creating a brilliant partnership with your dog? The type of partnership where the two of you can dance through life together as real partners? A winning team?

Well, you can but it takes time, patience, and a lot of practice. In this inspiring episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy shares how you and your dog can become winning partners.

To be a brilliant partner for your dog, you must put mental conditioning, optimistic thinking, responsibility for your actions, flexibility, intuition, and receptivity on your ‘To BE List.’

It might sound like a lot, but once you get a grip of all of these things and start working on your ‘To BE List,’ you’ll notice an incredible change and improvement in your relationship with your dog.

So, are you ready for you and your dog to become a winning team?

Let’s start!

In this episode:

  • Why your mental state is so important
  • Why you need to work on your ‘To BE List’
  • How to change the way you think about your dog’s behavior
  • Why you need to focus more on the solutions and not the problems
  • Why you must learn to pay attention to how you measure success
  • Tips to help you become the Brilliant Partner your dog needs

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“We often subconsciously jump to a conclusion about our dog’s behavior too quickly”

“Step into your dog’s paws and start to see the world through their perspective”

“Condition your mind to stay focused on solutions”

“Who we become as a result of sharing our life with dogs is what brings us true satisfaction and pleasure”

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18 Responses

  1. I have been in regret for my part of my effect on my Golden Retriever’s like over the past 2 1/2 years. I was divorced. I have been sick three times, had an operation. As a result of my inattention, she is reactive to other dogs (sometimes managed) and i have no social life. You, Iathy, have helped me not beat myself up. I finally realize it’s going to take time to turn my head around and for us to believe in one another..(more than a treat) we have so many positives- play, sleeping together, usually listens to me, likes to train, (positively), really cute. We may or may not ever trial(or do all the achievements I dreamed) but what I want is the becoming- compassionate, understanding, enjoying one another. She already has “it” with me.

  2. In 2021 I plan TO BE a high level 2 way communicator with my dogs as well as other people’s dogs. I will be leveling up listening in the moment through heart led dialog with my dogs and humans. I will build on and share the wisdom I am granted from that moment to help serve the world in a purposeful way that brings joy and serenity to all i am in contact with.

  3. I had started taking notes and was listening to the part where Kathy talked about each stage being perfect as it is. I skipped down the page and wrote “1. To Be in the Present.” Then, as she talked at the end about being in “Now,” it really resonated. To be Present in the Now is my number one choice for both my dogs and me in 2021.

  4. 1) Regain my mind-body connection by being kind/empathetic to myself
    2) Stay in the present and practice active listening – to humans and dogs

  5. My goal is also to Be In The Now. It’s so easy to get think about the future, especially with all the uncertainty of 2020, and worry, stress and other things kick in. Worrying about the past doesn’t serve any purpose either, as we can’t change what’s already happened. So for 2021, I want to be like my puppy!

  6. To be a Brilliant Partner for my dogs, family, friends and colleagues. By becoming mindful, patient, thoughtful and present as a subconscious way of being. To be non-judgemental and celebrate where we are right now,

  7. To Be, to become the way that I naturally am operating in openness, attainment, intimate partnership. Looping positive thoughts in support and communication and ever growing relationship. I’m not sure that even made sense.

  8. As we move into 2021, my to be list will include patience and listening, as we move together. I will focus on being present in each perfect moment as our partnership grows

  9. I have been a member of the Brilliant partner Academy for about a year and then had to leave. I thought I “knew” how to create this Brilliant Partnership with my dogs but along the way I fell back into believing my dog Nadir isn’t the “perfect dog” I would like him to be. And sending that belief into the Universe ofcourse brought more behaviour that frustrates me and we ended up in this loop.
    The last few podcasts are helping me to take responsibility again of what I am creating. I just joined the CAPP because I know within my Heart this defenitely is going to bring me back on track. Not only with my relationship with my dogs but more importantly to find the Balance I have experienced for years, but “lost” some time ago

  10. My biggest takeaway from this episode is to be in the now. And it is good to be were we are. Don’t regret the past. Concentrate on the now and being grateful for were we are and for the chance to work on our partnership with our dog.

  11. My TO BE dream for 2021 with my dogs is to think with love and clarity and maintain a mindset of all is well. With my dogs and the people in my life I hope to breathe and clear my mind while listening so I can listen with intent to understand, not the intent to reply. Remembering that living in the now is how our dogs live each day is huge, how wonderful is that?….say good-bye to thought looping!

  12. The path forward includes a positive mindset with the idea of becoming more evolved versions of ourselves. Living in the present is very important as is leaving out old story behind us. The BP way is about starting where we are and being grateful for all we already are and have. It includes patience, love, learning, solution based thinking, gratitude, and so much more that can help me to become a Brilliant Partner. NOW is the time and place where I can truly connect with my dogs.

  13. Top of my To Be list is to practice being in the NOW. I have wasted too much time being in the past and the future, which don’t exist. I find it hard work but the more I practice the easier it will become.

  14. Start where you are.
    Be present,NOW!
    Only way to partner with my dog is in the now because dogs are always in the now.
    Focus on becoming not accomplishing

  15. I love the thought of “attainment”. I have many accomplishments with my dogs, just never really thought about what I have “become” with my dogs. I am becoming more aware of being in the present because that is where my dogs are. I am becoming more accepting of being perfect as I am and as my dogs are, though I want to continually become a better version ( Perfect 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 …) I am becoming more creative in understanding what my dog feels and wants me to know. I want to become a clear communicator so that my dogs can understand and trust me and enjoy being with me, and me with them.

  16. This podcast is really a reminder of why I joined BPA. I was ashamed and embarrassed by all the “training aids” I used to “control” my over reactive puppy. To learn to let go of the past, the feelings, the guilt, and to look forward to being in the NOW! THAT IS MY GOAL! This year we have worked on this. I know that Bella loves unconditionally and listening to her and BEING in the now, as she is, will bring her and I to brilliance as partners. I will be present and attentive to her needs. We are perfect partners, we are seeds, growing into seedlings, to plants and we will flower and bloom! I love that analogy!

  17. In 2021 I need to be mindful and present in the here and now. I need to celebrate each victory I have with my dog no matter how small it seems to be. I love Buddy and I know that he is a loving, playful. full of joy dog, full of energy and full of life and curiousity. I want the best for him. I cannot think about the past just about him in the present. A lot of areas in my life need to be worked on. I cannot do it all in one day I can only do it day by day. I am looking forward to this creative alchemy session.

  18. That i/we are all perfect today, no matter where we are on our journeys through life…we are continually developing, and that’s ok.
    I need to be clearer so my dogs understand me. I am moving to make a new start in life and closing the book on that chapter….didnt think about my dog doing the same…she had bad start so I think that is why she is fear reactive….but is it me telling her that that is what she is ? I need to trust her and just ‘be’….listen to what my dog is telling me instead of thinking I know better.
    That we are in the perfect place now to start to build a better partnership together. …give myself a break as I look back and think I have probably made certain behaviours worse…I cant change that but I can have a good ‘now’s

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