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EBD140 Alert Barking, Car Chasing, and Sky Hawking, Oh My!

Alert Barking, Car Chasing, and Sky Hawking, Oh My!

Living in partnership with our dogs comes with lots of highs and lows. We create memories together that we cherish, and we continue to grow closer as brilliant partners. However, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes, our dogs like to express themselves in ways that some people would deem “naughty.”

This type of behavior ranges from barking at perceived dangers that we know are safe, trying to chase moving cars, or barking hysterically at airplanes and birds in the sky.

When our dogs behave like this, we know that there is an underlying reason for it. Perhaps they bark at the delivery man because they want to protect the yard from strangers. Or, maybe they bark at hawking birds because they want to scare off potential flying predators. Believe me when I say that dogs have their reasons for alert barking, car chasing, and howling at the sky!

However, as dog moms who strive to live in partnership with our dogs, we know that we can handle this behavior through role modeling as our dogs’ leading partners. In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy shares what role modeling for our dogs looks like and how it can help calm our dogs when they start barking at things that are of no threat!

In this episode:

  • Why role modeling for our dogs is so important
  • What it really means to live in partnership with our dogs
  • Why you should meet your dog where they are
  • How to deal with alarm barking and motion sensitivity
  • The key steps to the role modeling protocol
  • …and so much more

Read the blog post on this topic.


“I think of living in partnership as an ongoing dialogue”

“We can tap into our dog’s social intelligence”

“It’s always better when dogs can figure something out on their own”

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