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EBD141 Boundaries Around Biting

Boundaries Around Biting

Setting boundaries for our dogs is so important, especially when it comes to biting from excitement or over-arousal. 

A lot of the misunderstanding comes from the idea of setting boundaries because boundaries mean strict restrictions, right? Well, not exactly.

When setting boundaries for your dog, you actually help to build trust. You see, the one thing that our dogs need to trust us is the same thing we often get wrong, and it’s time to change that!

As a dog mom of two Border Collies who had “excitement biting issues,” I understand the struggle associated with a dog who tends to bite when they are too excited. 

You know what I mean: Circling and spinning turns into pants grabbing, which turns into nipping that catches your skin! Ouch!! Bruises, torn clothes and a bit of frustration … never a good thing.

In this episode, I share two personal stories of how I set boundaries with two of my over-controlling Border Collies, Luc and Kate.

In this episode:

  • Why dogs need boundaries
  • How Kathy got her Border Collie puppy to stop biting
  • What behavior from Kathy stopped her excitable dog from charging and biting
  • How to set boundaries for your dog in a way that builds trust
  • Four tips to help calm you and your dog


“Boundaries allow both partners to feel comfortable and positive.”

“I really want dogs to try to figure things out for themselves and communicate in a way that that’s really clear.”

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