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EBD151 Calming Your Dog from the Inside Out

Calming Your Dog from the Inside Out

In the world of dog behavior, there’s a lot of talk about “impulse control”. But what is causing these impulses, and what’s the best way to approach “controlling” them?

In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy turns the idea of “impulse control” upside down and inside out! Instead of trying to control impulses, Kathy explores how you can use your natural biology of connection to help your dog calm down.

She explains how you and your dog are biologically wired for connection and how to tap into this to co-regulate your dog’s nervous system. Kathy also shares how the Dancing Hearts partnership lifestyle method can help your dog default to feeling safe, calm and happy, and why this grows your trust and connection.

In this episode:

  • What it means to grow or leak trust
  • The importance of meeting your and your dog’s need to feel safe and connected
  • How co-regulation is the heart of all positive relationships
  • Why reliable regulation helps you and your dog engage and grow
  • How to condition your dog’s nervous system for safety and connection

Read the blog post on this topic.


“We suffer when our biological need for connection is unmet.”

“When we’re not dependable, predictable, steady role models in life, our partnership starts leaking trust.”

“Pause, breathe, connect. Pause, breathe, connect.”

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