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EBD157 Extreme Behavior to Partnership with Stella Murrell

EBD157 Extreme Behavior to Partnership with Stella Murrell

When it comes to extreme dog behavior, it can feel like you’ve tried just about everything, and nothing seems to work.

A reactive dog can put a huge strain on your relationships with your beloved pets. It can significantly impact the quality of a dog’s life as well as your own.

Traditional training is what many people turn to. But if that doesn’t work, what next?

The truth is, helping your dog isn’t about forcing them to act differently. It’s about opening your mind and looking at it from a different perspective.

Stella Murrell and her dog, Henna, came to the Brilliant Partners Academy (BPA) around 18 months ago looking for a solution. Henna was a young dog with a series of physical and mental difficulties that were impacting her and Stella’s partnership.

In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy chats to Stella about her journey towards building a strong partnership with Henna. Stella and Henna are a fantastic success story and highlight why striving for a partnership lifestyle is so worth it.

In this episode:

  • What Stella and Henna’s relationship looked like before BPA
  • The different steps and tactics Stella tried
  • How the Brilliant Partners Academy transformed the way Stella interacted with Henna
  • What their strong and loving partnership looks like now

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“I’d been trying to turn her into another dog. I just couldn’t accept her. And once I did accept her, then everything changed.”

“I was quite dismayed the first time I went to a trainer. She said, ‘You need to give this dog a very firm hand.’ That was the exact opposite of what was needed.”

“People stop me in the street and say, ‘Is that the same dog?’”

“The biggest gift that you can give to your dog is partnership and communication.”

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2 Responses

  1. Abby is well behaved dog and listens to me in every way. One exception, she didn’t always come when it was time to go somewhere. When I leave I make sure I have my phone, keys and purse along with her leash. Many times she would leave with me,hence, After getting her settled in her car seat and seat belt. I would have to go back. In the house because I would forget one of these things. I would say “Abby I’ll be right back I have to get my phone” or which one of the four I’d forget. Well recently I realized the reason Abby won’t come is because I don’t have all four necessities I need to leave without having to leave her and come back to retrieve it. I’m not crazy, but I’ve been testing her and sure enough if I have all four necessities when I say “come Abby We’re going bye bye.” She Will look at me and if I have them she immediately runs to the car. If I’m missing one of them she backs up and refuses to come, I f I say “oh, I almost forgot my phone, and go and pick it up , she will come immediately. She is a Service 🐕‍🦺 dog. and had not had problems until my old mind for gets things now and then. I reached out to you to see if you could help me with Abby refusing to come. But the light went on and I figured it out. I didn’t give Abby the credit she deserved, she is so smart for me at 85 years old. Thank you for responding to me. But Abby is taking good care of me now. 🐕🐾💕

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