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EBD162 From Family Dog Fights to Family Harmony with Alicia Martin

EBD162 From Family Dog Fights to Family Harmony with Alicia Martin

Establishing a partnership with your dog when they have behavior issues can be a real challenge. But what about building a partnership with 13 dogs all with their own unique needs?

Rescuing or fostering a dog can be such a rewarding experience that it’s no wonder people get hooked! Over the last 7 years, BPA member Alicia Martin has fostered over 60 dogs – but not all went on to other homes. Alicia is now in service of 13 foster fails, otherwise known as her family pack of lovable misfits.

There were many underlying reasons why some of these dogs couldn’t get adopted, including behavior disorders. This led to lots of family dog fights and an unsettled home life for Alicia and co.

In this episode, Alicia joins Kathy to share how the BPA helped her re-establish a harmonious home in just 18 months and confidently lead her chaotic family pack.

In this episode:

  • How Alicia became the foster mom of over 60 dogs!
  • Alicia’s challenges dealing with a diverse family pack
  • How the BPA helped Alicia transform the hostile dynamic into a harmonious one

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“We were not connecting, and they were not being heard.”

“Unless you’re 95% or more sure that your dog can and will do a thing, don’t ask.”

“We don’t do training. We do heart connections.”

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