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EBD167 The Summer Series on The Power of Partnership – Part 1 of 5

EBD167 The Summer Series on The Power of Partnership - Part 1 of 5

How much clarity do you have about you and your dog’s partnership right now?

It’s easier to work out where you’re going once you know where you are. That’s why getting clear on which areas of your partnership could do with some work is a vital first step on your journey to a happier life together.

In this first episode of a five-part summer series, Kathy introduces us to Mary, a dog mom facing some tough challenges. Kathy explains how Mary got clear on the issues she had with her dog Max, and shares the insights and takeaways you can bring to your own partnership.

This series is a look behind the curtain at what learning to be together as partners really looks like – and just how far you can both come!

In this episode:

  • What getting clear on your challenges can do for your partnership
  • How to encourage self-regulation
  • Kathy’s key questions to help you gain clarity

Read the blog post on this topic.


“Clarity leads to success.”

“Everything else is possible, once we know exactly what we want, how we want to live, and what it is that we want our dogs to know about how we live together.”

“What specific challenge with your dog could use your focus right now?”

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4 Responses

  1. will implement this for next couple of days & then listen to part 2.beacuse doris follows me every where & lays down very paciently I suppose as I live on my own maybe I forget to talk to her.She just seems happy to be with me but I will react more & see what happens

  2. I am catching up on this series in late August. You really have me thinking now. I have been working with treat training and it has worked on behavior modification on several issues…but several issues still remain. I am working hard on accepting my rescue as she is and reframing my own thinking processes as well. I plan to use this new to me information as part of my arsenal of habits now.

  3. I have finally connected with you and am so excited with your program. I just hope I will be able to connect with your program again. I’m in my mid eighties with mobility issues so no walks with our two puppies. My husband tries to walk with them as we always did with our former dogs but they refuse to go. I’m having a bit of a challenge training two puppies at once. We have all the basic training mastered but I need too figure out more things to do together to stay out of trouble!

  4. Hello Kathy,

    Thank you for the great podcast. I wish I had found your work earlier.

    My dog is 9 years old now and I had worked with many trainers but my dog was so unruly and she wasn’t interested anything I would say, i.e. come when called. At some point, I decided to ignore everyone and treat her as I would treat a child. I immediately started to realize my mistakes, I was trying to trick her with treats or false promises to counteract her unruliness, which was making everything worse. As time went by, I understood the root cause what no trainer had told me, it was not about cues, I had to build a connection with my dog and stop betraying her trust.

    The moment I started to be absolutely honest with her, such as telling her “Come, let’s put on your leash!”, she started listening to me, coming and even standing for her to be put on leash! It seems counterintuitive or trivial, but it’s not, it’s very important and fundamental. We simply need to put ourselves in place of our dogs, would we trust a person that was not honest with us, constantly trying to tell us what to do and even lying and manipulating with food? No, absolutely not and dogs are extremely smart and intuitive, they are not buying any of it.

    Thank you for your wonderful work, I hope it will be helpful to us and many other dog families.

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