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EBD173 Lessons from A Reactive Dog with Paulina Grzesinska-Mrozek

EBD173 Lessons from A Reactive Dog with Paulina Grzesinska-Mrozek

Living with a reactive dog can be a frustrating experience, and as a first-time dog mom, it can be a confusing one as well.

In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy revisits a conversation she had with first-time dog mom and BPA member Paulina Grzesinska-Mrozek.

Paulina was struggling with her dog Badi, who was very reactive to other dogs and people both in their apartment and on walks. After trying her luck with a behaviorist (who Badi wouldn’t even let in the apartment), Paulina tried the Brilliant Partners Academy.

And she hasn’t looked back since!

Today, their partnership is strong and built on trust and a mutual understanding. Hear about Paulina’s experiences and how she used the BPA partnership principles to achieve this complete transformation.

In this episode:

  • How Paulina initially struggled to understand Badi’s needs
  • How Paulina and Badi have transformed their partnership together
  • The partnership principles that Paulina found most useful
  • How Paulina and Badi became role models for each other


“BPA had a big impact on me understanding Badi’s behaviors. Now when I just look at him, I know what he wants to communicate.”

“Now I understand it so much better. I learned how to listen to him.”

“I’m learning how to actually be there with him. When I catch myself […] going somewhere else with my thoughts, I’m like, no, no, no, we are here and now. Don’t worry about other stuff, you are here and now.”

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One Response

  1. I loved Pauline’s solution for Badi’s reaction to the delivery guy ringing the doorbell! My dog barks like crazy when the doorbell rings, so I am going to try giving her a job to do so she sees the sound as a positive rather than an alarming experience.
    Her description of playing hide and seek made me smile, I do this with Tegen when she is off leash and it is soooo lovely when she comes barrelling up to find me!
    Since doing the recent challenge week I have been so much more aware of what makes her happy and try to make sure she has the right proportion of green zone experiences at different arousal levels.
    Loving the podcasts, thank you. Jane and Tegen xx

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