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EBD174 How to Be A Better Listener for Your Dog

EBD174 How to Be A Better Listener for Your Dog

What does it mean to be heard?

Both you and your dog are social mammals and so have a deep need to be understood and cared for. Meeting this need can help you live the brilliant partnership with your dog that you dream of.

In this episode, Kathy discusses how real listening can help you stay calm and connected to your dog and why it’s one of the four core daily practices from the Brilliant Partners Academy.

She also talks about the relationship between listening and leadership and how to embrace being the loving leader that your partnership deserves.

In this episode:

  • Understanding what it really means to be listened to
  • What true leadership is
  • Why being a loving leader is a good thing
  • What real heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind listening is
  • How to listen mindfully ­– even in stressful situations


“To be heard means to be listened to without judgment about how we should be better or should be different than what someone thinks we should be.”

“To be heard means to be loved, without condition.”

“We’re in some process of blossoming into the next iteration of who we are.”

“Good leaders are good listeners.

“Our dogs are changing, we are changing. And yet, at each step along the way, we are already perfect.”

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