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EBD177 Stop Leaking Trust and Confidence with 3 Clarity Questions

Stop Leaking Trust and Confidence with 3 Clarity Questions

Trust and confidence are crucial ingredients to a loving, happy, and healthy partnership with our dogs.

Our dogs trust us with a lot, so we need to be good leaders and worthy of that trust. This means we should try to avoid leaking trust and confidence with our dogs.

When our dogs trust us to lead the way, they feel safer, more secure, and confident. If they don’t and we put them in stressful scenarios, they can become reactive and unhappy.

In this episode of the Enlightened By Dogs podcast, Kathy shares insights into how easily we can leak trust and confidence with our dogs. She shares the three simple questions you should ask yourself before doing a new activity together.

In this episode:

  • What the right type of leadership looks like
  • Why role modeling is so important
  • How to stop trust and confidence from leaking


“It’s really up to us to take responsibility for being the kind of human that our dogs love to follow and love to listen to and love to partner with.”

“It’s all about being able to inspire, to discover solutions to be solution-focused, not problem-focused.”

“A leader is a visionary and leads by example.”

“It’s really natural for dogs, as socially intelligent animals, to learn through our role modeling.”

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