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EBD179 Why Your Dog Won’t Listen

EBD179 Why Your Dog Won’t Listen

What do you do when you feel like your dog just isn’t hearing you?

All behavior is communication, so how your dog responds to you (or doesn’t respond to you) is a type of behavior that could be trying to communicate something. But it can be challenging not to take it personally when you feel like your dog isn’t listening to you at all.

In this episode, Kathy shares how reframing your thoughts can transform how you interpret your dog’s listening skills and get you back to a place of trust. She also talks about how asking questions about what’s really going on can help you create a plan that prioritizes connection over correction.

In this episode:

  • How to reframe your thoughts about your dog’s listening
  • Why role modelling can help you guide behavior
  • How to create a plan for when you feel that your dog isn’t listening to you


“When we believe that our dog is not listening, what I would invite you to do is to reframe that into, my dog has a need that isn’t being met.”

“As Brené Brown says, clear is kind. Unclear is unkind.”

“We want to strive for connection instead of correction.”

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  1. thanks for this and your other podcasts .. we have a 14mo Golden Retriever, always a work in progress and exploring different techniques and trying new ways to deal with situations is wonderful

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