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EBD180 How to Help Your Dog Self-Regulate

EBD180 How to Help Your Dog Self-Regulate

Did you know that a feeling of disconnection from our dogs could be what’s causing them to be anxious or reactive?

Humans and dogs are wired to seek connection. It’s part of our quest to find safety and comfort in our lives, and if that connection is disrupted, anxiety and stress start to kick in. We get lost in ‘the red zone.’

In this episode of the Enlightened By Dogs podcast, Kathy explores the idea of co-regulation between humans and our dogs and how this relates to our nervous system. She explains how we can easily fall into the ‘red zone’ or the ‘orange zone’ of stress and how we can move to the ‘green zone’ instead.

Tune in to learn how by regulating our own behavior, we can help dogs to do the same and lead safer, calmer, and happier lives.

In this episode:

  • Why humans and dogs are wired to connect and seek safety
  • How to get out of the stressful ‘red zone’
  • How we can keep our dogs in the ‘green zone’


“We are wired for connection.”

“You and your dog are biologically searching for a connection and looking for cues as to whether we are safe and available for connection.”

“Once that whole process of anxiety and reactivity and over-arousal is triggered, it’s like a self-generating loop.”

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2 Responses

  1. Love the podcast. My dog.was sitting with me and his eyes were closed like he was sleeping. He is never this calm 🤣

  2. Forever and always grateful for safe, calm, and happy. This podcast is such a great reminder of how this helps us to onnect with our dogs. Thank you Kathy!💕

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