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EBD181 An Unbreakable Bond

EBD181 An Unbreakable Bond

What does your connection with your dog do for your life? Does it help you be a better partner? A better person?

Your bond with your dog is powerful. But facilitating this amazing and transformative connection isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes we can lose focus on living our happiest lives with our dog and get lost chasing the ideals of a “perfect dog” instead.

In this episode, Kathy shares her tips for maintaining or re-finding your partnership’s focus and reframing your mindset about your unbreakable bond. She also talks about why acceptance is key to finding happiness with your partnership, exactly as it is.

In this episode:

  • How to keep your sights on “the main thing”
  • Understanding what having a dog does for your life
  • Three ways to work towards a stronger connection with your dog


“Ask yourself, why do you have a dog in your life?”

“Studies have shown that when a dog sees they’re human, that their brain secretes the same substance as ours when we’re in love.”

“Dogs present us with opportunities to be better versions of ourselves day after day.”

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2 Responses

  1. Love this. I have 5 dogs! I treasure every one of them! They behave most of the time but not because I make them do or don’t do certain things. They love to please!

  2. I needed this today-thank you! I have a 16 month old rescue dog-a 69lb Lab/Staffordshire Terrier. I am currently in a battle with my condominium about this dogs background and “fears (barking/growling/lunging at other dogs,) This dog spent her first year (24/7) In a crate, in kennel, in a warehouse with 200 dogs in a Arkansas humane shelter. During the past 4 months that I have had Ginger, I have worked hard to acclimate her to life outside of then crate. She is very smart and she has quickly learned house manners, adapted to our families schedule, how to work on a lead, go up and down stairs, get in and out of the car, to sit, stay, come and so on. She is loving, sweet and funny. Her two issues remain; reactive to strange people and other dogs. A woman in my condo is afraid of my dog and field a complaint with our condo board….WHAT ARE MY RIGHTS IN MY SITUATION? Is anyone here a lawyer? Does anyone know?

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