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EBD182 Using the Power of Curiosity to Increase Connection with Your Dog

EBD182 Using the Power of Curiosity to Increase Connection with Your Dog

When was the last time you felt truly awe-inspired?

Awe is a complex emotion, and tapping into its power can do amazing things for you and your relationships. It encourages us to be curious, think outside of the box, and generates feelings of inspiration that can help us believe that almost anything is possible. But how does this relate to your partnership with your dog?

In this episode, Kathy talks about her daily G.L.A. practice and how it impacts her connection with her dogs. She also shares a few ideas about how you can get into this practice, what it can do for your relationships, and why curiosity can help you step into a world of infinite possibilities.

In this episode:

  • What G.L.A. is and why Kathy practices it
  • Why awe and inspiration can lead to a better partnership
  • How to shift your mindset from problem-focused to solution-focused


“What if our struggle exists simply to inspire us to move into a place of curiosity?”

“Altruism, general well-being, and compassion can dramatically influence our interactions with our dogs.”

“When we allow awe to become an integral part of our everyday life, we’re better able to cope with struggles and challenges and unexpected experiences.”

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  1. Love this podcast – a reminder of a new way of being! Since being in Brilliant Partners and practicing G.L.A. my once difficult dog is becoming the most amazing partner. The appreciation I feel from him is heartwarming every day once I learned to love him the way he needed me to and have a daily practice of gratitude, love, and awe. Such a great reminder of how what we need is really what our dogs need too.

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