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EBD184 6 Ways to Build Resilience

EBD184 6 Ways to Build Resilience

When did you last think about resiliency in terms of your partnership with your dog? Unfortunately for most people, the answer is “never”.

Life tends to throw curveballs every now and then, both in the human and dog communities. How you deal with these unfortunate occurrences is a function of your resiliency. But what does this mean for your partnership with your dog?

In this episode of the Enlightened By Dogs podcast, Kathy explains the importance of resiliency in building a strong and successful partnership with your dog. She also explores various sources of your dog’s resiliency and the elements that will help you build it.

In this episode:

  • Where resilience comes from
  • How to help your dog feel more resilient
  • Tips from Kathy’s resiliency masterclass


Resilient partners don’t just give up when life gets hard.”

“Resiliency in us, and our dogs, comes from the inside out.”

“Remember there are no failures, only opportunities to learn.”

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  1. My furbaby is a rescue, has significant scaring from being burned, was very depressed didn’t even have wiggly puppy butt. We’ve bonded, she had a wiggly puppy butt, hiking, agility, car rides, shopping etc. Now she is under vets care for heart worm. She’s getting depressed licking her paws and low crying sound. My fear is we will lose all the gains she has made. Do you have any recommendations for low energy mental stimulating ideas, ways I can interact with her that doesn’t get her heart rate up? Will she have the resiliencey needed to reenter social situations, or even come out of the depression again?

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