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EBD189 Protecting Your Dog’s Social Confidence – Part 2

EBD189 Protecting Your Dog's Social Confidence - Part 2

You want to protect your dog from traumatic situations just as you want to protect all your loved ones. But, as we all know, it’s not always possible to prevent bad things from happening. So, when an unfortunate incident does happen, how can you help your dog move past it?

Building your dog’s social confidence back up after a traumatic event requires a lot of trust from both you and your dog. In this episode, Kathy explores the ways in which you can work together to bank trust, grow confidence, and prepare against or recover from the effects of stressful situations.

This is the second episode of a three-part series, where Kathy shares how to build your dog’s social confidence. Part one was all about being an advocate for your puppy by creating affirming, confidence-building experiences. If you missed it, go ahead and listen to EBD 188 next.

In this episode:

  • How to be your dog’s trusted partner
  • What to do when a traumatic event happens
  • Kathy’s trust-enhancing strategy for trauma recovery


“Spend real quality time with our dogs, not just entertaining or exercising them, but real connected fully present time being with them in all sorts of contexts, including play snuggling and learning together. All those things are banking trust hearts.”

“We can show our dogs that the scary thing is not going to harm us through our own behavior. That way, we’re letting our dog know that we are keeping them safe.”

“How we behave during and after a traumatic event is more important than what actually happened during the traumatic event.”

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