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EBD198 Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit with Beth Williams

EBD198 Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit with Beth Williams

Does leading a balanced life, whether on a personal level or with your dog, often seem out of reach?

Perhaps it’s time to look at balance from a whole new perspective. While finding balance, it’s important to look for it in the little moments and approach it more holistically. Balance is not a destination but a process that we all strive to achieve every single day.

Joining this episode of the Enlightened By Dog’s podcast, Beth Williams, P.T., A.P.T., weighs in on the concept of balance. She explores the different layers of balance and also explains how trust, support, and mindfulness can lead to a more balanced life for you and your dog.

Beth is a licensed physical therapist for both humans and animals. Inspired by her heart-dog Nitro’s successful recovery from hip surgery in 1999, she opened the K9 Wellness Center, an outpatient physical therapy clinic for dogs (and the occasional cat).

During her career as a physical therapist for humans, Beth was a geriatric clinical specialist for 20 years, pursued advanced training in body work and movement education, and earned a master’s degree in counseling and educational psychology with an emphasis on service to the aging.

She is also a licensed prayer practitioner with the Center for Spiritual Living in Reno, where she serves as a personal spiritual counselor, teaches classes, assists with Sunday services, provides hospital visitation, and officiates celebration of life ceremonies.

Over the years, Beth has been uniquely trained to help people and their pets heal in body, mind, and spirit. The latest step in her evolution was completing the Dancing Hearts coaches’ training in May 2021. Since then, her contribution to the world has expanded to include healing relationships between people and their pets, spreading ripples of clear communication and cooperative living with our canine companions. Beth happily resides in Reno, Nevada with her beloved “pack”: husband Dave, brilliant canine partner KZ, Siamese cat Luna and several chickens.

You can reach Beth at k9wellnesscenter.com.

In this episode:

  • Why you should approach balance as a dynamic process
  • How balance is a vital part of our physical, mental, emotional, and relationship health
  • How our balance impacts our dogs and vice versa
  • Why leash walking our dogs is an activity that requires balance on both ends


“We strive to be those calm, responsible leaders who are willing to learn and then be able to help our dogs to learn.”

“Sometimes we just need that little action of somebody steadying us or giving us a little nudge, not shoving us over. It brings us right back into balance.”

“If we’re living in partnership, and our dogs can trust us not to deliberately put them in situations where things are likely to go sour, then everybody can relax and try new things.”

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  1. Enjoyed pod cast, thank you. Because of my anxieties and ptsd I realise how difficult it is to stay balanced and terrified of trying new things for myself.
    Thankfully though being with Charlie is very therapeutic even losing his sight hasn’t phased him. I think after listening to this, it’s me that needs to take time for myself, I can only try

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