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EBD203 How to Create a Safe Space for Your Anxious Dog

EBD203 How to Create a Safe Space for Your Anxious Dog

How do you get your dog to feel safe and calm in your RV, apartment, or home? How do you get them to feel the same way while you’re out and about?

The answer lies in focusing on your inner circle of influence and making it a safe space for your dog. In this episode of the Enlightened by Dogs Podcast, Kathy shares a segment from a recent Q&A session where she delves into how to create a safe inner circle of influence.

She discusses ways you can move your dog from the orange to the green zone. She also explains how you can expand your circle of influence at a pace that’s comfortable for your dog.

In this episode:

  • Why we should focus on our inner circle of influence vs. what’s “out there”
  • How experimentation helps create a safe space
  • How to gradually expand our circle of influence


“The more that we focus on what’s out there, the more our dogs are going to focus on it too.”

“You need to take the leading role in creating that circle of safety and trust, so you’re better set up to work within your circle of influence.”

“Creating a circle of influence is all about crafting a different experience so your dogs feel safe inside your shared space.”

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