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EBD205 Help! My Dog Goes Beserk with Visitors and My Dog Was Attacked by a Dog While Walking

EBD205 Help! My Dog Goes Beserk with Visitors and My Dog Was Attacked by a Dog While Walking

For all of us, the end game is to build trust between our dogs and us and eventually learn how to live a good life together.

But before we get to that point, it’s important to accept where we are in that journey. Of course, no one likes to struggle, but once you accept where you are, it’s a lot easier to transcend to a place of cooperation and a trusting partnership.

In this episode of the Enlightened by Dogs podcast, Kathy shares a segment of a Q&A session with two very related questions. She explains not only the importance of understanding your dog, but also explores how you can channel that into making mutually beneficial decisions. She also shares insights on how to expand your “green zone” to help your dog feel safe.

In this episode:

  • Why it’s important to understand your dog’s perspective and make them feel heard
  • How to implement your ‘in the moment’ plan and ‘get ahead of it’ plan
  • Kathy shares tips on how to change an orange zone situation to a green zone situation


“The difference between how we react in uncomfortable situations and how our dogs react is that we can choose to leave or stay.”

“It’s up to us to step up our game when it involves understanding our dog’s perspective and making decisions that are more aligned with cooperation.”

“Your dog’s sense of safety is directly connected to how safe you feel.”

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