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EBD207 Navigating Personalities and Behavior as a Dog Mom

EBD207 Navigating Personalities and Behavior as a Dog Mom

Behavior is communication. Since our dogs can’t tell us what they want or how they feel, they bark, growl, or pull away – especially when they feel unheard. And once a dog feels unheard, their behavior escalates from a whisper to a shout.

Since we want them to hear our whispers, it’s important that we learn to hear their whispers too.

On this episode of Enlightened by Dogs, Kathy delves into different dog personality traits and how they can open your eyes (and ears) to some of your dog’s innate behaviors. She also discusses “superpowers” based on each personality trait and how you can use that information to understand your dog better.

In this episode:

  • Why it’s important to look beneath the surface of your dog’s behavior
  • Kathy explores five common dog personality traits
  • How each dog personality trait links with a superpower


“It’s important to remember that when your dogs pull away or growl, they’re communicating that there’s something going on under the surface.”

“Though your dog’s personality is expressed primarily as one type, it’s common to see a strong secondary personality type express itself in different circumstances.”

“Getting curious about our dog’s behavior is a great launchpad to a deeper understanding so we can break free of the spiral of doubt, difficulty, and disconnection that so often occurs.”

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