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EBD211 Your Dog’s Behavior Is Not What You Think

EBD211 Your Dog's Behavior Is Not What You Think

We often think our dogs are giving us a hard time, but we never stop and think… maybe they are having a hard time!

What can we do to improve our relationships with our dogs and stop ourselves from thinking so negatively about them? Well, the answer lies in this episode of the Enlightened by Dogs podcast.

Kathy explores some of the most common dog personality categories. She runs through a method of reframing your thought processes so you can avoid blaming your dogs when they aren’t behaving how you’d like them to. She also delves into how to personalize your training for your dogs’ specific traits and needs.

In this episode:

  • Why it’s important to avoid patterns that lack trust with your dog
  • Identifying your negative thoughts towards your dog’s behavioral patterns
  • Shifting your perspective to allow more mutual trust between you and your pooch


“We have the capacity to truly love, unconditionally, our difficult dog.”

“Contemplate what your insight about your better understanding of your dog’s behavior might be. Journal on what this means for you and how it might change the things you do together with your dog.”

“That thought that there is something wrong with us or our dog leads us to the next line of thinking – that our dogs are giving us a hard time and choosing not to be cooperative.”

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