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EBD212 Dog Meet-and-Greets Done Right

EBD212 Dog Meet-and-Greets Done Right

While we’re all social beings, dogs approach greetings in a totally different way, and that’s what Kathy explores in the Enlightened by Dogs episode. She highlights the actions that count as greetings for dogs and discusses nine things to consider when facilitating dog greetings.

Kathy also shares some insights from research that’ll alter your perception of dog greetings altogether.

In this episode:

  • The dynamics of dog-to-human and dog-to-dog greetings
  • When you should let your dogs greet
  • Kathy explains the partnership greeting protocol


“The first rule is that we greet only if all parties are feeling safe, calm and happy.”

“Unlike humans, dogs don’t approach one another head-on. They prefer to take a soft approach that’s more sideways and indirect.”

“Greetings should only happen politely, we want our dogs to know this is how we do things.”

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  1. Would you allow a slightly resource owner guarding dog to do a 3 second greet with another dog if there is plenty of escape room available. He is fine off lead and will generally ignore other dogs but if they push towards me he gets scared and wants them to go away. Absolutely nothing worse than a go away has ever happened.

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