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EBD215 Lessons from My Dog Teacher, Max

EBD215 Lessons from My Dog Teacher, Max

Kathy’s journey with her dogs over the years has taught her so much. They’ve been her friends, healers, and confidants in so many things.

So, in this Enlightened by Dogs episode, she’s taking us back to where it all began. Kathy shares her experience with the first dog she lived alone with as an adult, Max. Losing him was the turning point that inspired her to explore a holistic approach to life.

In this episode, Kathy explains holistic living and shares how she pivoted to a holistic perspective, as well as a few success stories she’s experienced along the way.

In this episode:

  • What it means to adopt a holistic approach to caring for our dogs
  • The connection between health behavior and emotional balance
  • How effective holistic tools and the partnership approach help balance your dog


“A holistic lifestyle that includes a natural diet, fresh air, sunshine, clean water, and appropriate exercise promotes overall good health and a strong immune system.”

“When your dog is in optimal physical condition, they’ll have the energy to focus, learn more readily and, of course, are less likely to be injured.”

“I do all I can to support a healthy gut, and a healthy immune system and love my dogs with all of my heart, which is good for both of us.”

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2 Responses

  1. I apparently got my first dog when I was two. I don’t remember him. I’m getting close to 80 and still have a dog. His playmate had to be put down three days after his 13th birthday. The only time I didn’t have a dog was when I was in college and a brief time after what was supposed to be our last dog died. That’s when I realized that I’m not me without a dog. My middle son promised he’d keep him when if I died. I hate the hole in my heart when I don’t have my best friend. The new dog just becomes another best friend to comfort me.

  2. Thank you for this insite requiring Max. I too lost a Max, and a handful of other four legged family members. I can’t tell you how much comfort I get, from your caring voice & the gained wisdom you’ve acquired though the years. Thank you for sharing it with all us Pet Parents. Xoxo – I totally believe that compassion for the innocent ones, can start to fix this world. Peace one love – karen c

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