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EBD216 Haley, The Dog That Taught Me About Trust

EBD216 Haley, The Dog That Taught Me About Trust

Sometimes, meeting a new dog with a new personality can make you question the methods you’ve tried over the years.

Throughout her career, Kathy’s relationships with different dogs have seen her mindset and approach evolve time and time again.

In this Enlightened by Dogs episode, Kathy takes us back around 30 years to the first time she met her long-term companion, Haley. This partnership opened Kathy’s eyes to finding new ways of building mutual trust with her dogs, and she explores how to apply that to your own brilliant partnership.

In this episode:

  • How Kathy broke the mold with ‘kind leadership’
  • How dogs will keep you constantly learning
  • Lessons Kathy learned from Haley that she sticks by today


“Positive reinforcement training isn’t an end to the evolution of living together harmoniously with dogs. It’s a beginning.”

“I had worked so carefully to build her trust in me so she could use that trust as her courage to stand strong while allowing a stranger to touch her.”

“I learned that setting my dog and myself up for success made life so much easier for everyone.”

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2 Responses

  1. A wonderful lesson and story. As a person who has lived with shelties most of her adult life, I could relate! Than you for this tale (no pun intended.)

  2. The ‘trust’ topic in this podcast is beautifully explained by Kathy, she could have been talking about my dog 4 years ago! Some of the main reasons I joined BPA at that time were her thoughts on setting our dogs up for success and building trust. Thank you, Kathy for this trust reminder and how it has changed my life with my dog, Colt. We love our life together now and continue to grow because of the trust and understanding we found through you!

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