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EBD217 Russell – What It Means to Be the Legacy of a Great Dog

EBD217 Russell - What It Means to Be the Legacy of a Great Dog

Kathy’s partnerships with dogs have seen her experience laughter, joy, tears and heartache. But the overall emotion is pure love. A strong partnership with your dog means that love never falters.

In this episode of Enlightened by Dogs, Kathy shares the story of Russell – the dog that taught her the meaning of true partnership. Kathy explains how she became Russell’s student and, eventually, his legacy, and shares heartfelt words she wrote after Russell’s sad passing back in 2011.

Listen to hear Kathy explore all the lessons she learned from Russell in their time together.

In this episode:

  • How dogs can teach you where you’re going wrong
  • Why you should be the partner your dog truly deserves
  • The broad range of emotions you feel in partnerships with dogs


“I hadn’t even cracked the surface of what it meant to be a good partner and a good handler up until then.”

“Whether you’re doing dog sports, or agility or rally or obedience or whether you’re just enjoying life with your good dog, commit to being the partner that your dog deserves, starting right now.”

“I’m reminded of the richness I have had living such a full life with dogs at my side for all of my life. And I can only get excited when I think about what is yet to come.”

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