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EBD218 Phoenix- The Hardest Dog That Taught Me the Most

EBD218 Phoenix- The Hardest Dog That Taught Me the Most

Kathy has had the pleasure of building partnerships with all types of dogs. But sometimes, the most challenging relationships are the most rewarding.

Each dog she has spent time with has contributed to the way she lives and works. And Phoenix is certainly no exception.

In this Enlightened by Dogs episode, Kathy takes us back to the first moment she met the most challenging dog she’s ever known. Despite being controlling, excitable and highly sensitive, Phoenix was an incredible sheepdog and life partner. Kathy explains how the way Phoenix challenged her shaped her teaching and mindset forever.

In this episode:

  • Dealing with a highly sensitive dog
  • What makes a true partner
  • How one moment with Phoenix changed Kathy forever


“All my dogs are teachers and healers for me and for others.”

“She put me in that position to make note of all the elements that were the core of what makes it possible to have a brilliant partnership with your dog and a brilliant life.”

“Just because you can teach a dog 152 tricks, it doesn’t mean that you should.”

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One Response

  1. Thank you so much for your honesty in this podcast. I have had a very intense relationship with one of my doggies Harvey a cocker spaniel. I changed my career so i could be with him everyday and learn how i could be a better human for him. My training as a dog trainer was very enlightening but i had some conflict with some areas but on the whole a holistic approach was given. My training into Animal Communication how ever has changed everything. I still get it wrong and Harvey is teaching me everyday that i must be present and in the moment and that i am enough just as i am. He’s been such a challenge as he wants to eat everything and it feels as though i spent all my time trying to prevent him from causing himself harm and keeping him alive. I have finally accepted that he has too strong an impulse and i can’t be the one who constantly keeps him safe, again another huge lesson for me. He will be 10 in November which is a huge achievement considering he has had his stomach but open 5 times to remove foods he shouldn’t have eaten, poisoned once and pierced his tongue on barbed wire!!!

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