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EBD219 Maya, The Gift that Keeps on Giving

EBD219 Maya, The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Kathy has used kindness, compassion and patience to form strong relationships with dogs for so many years. She has proven that even those that were deemed a “lost cause” can become attentive and loyal life partners.

In this episode of Enlightened by Dogs, Kathy shares the story of Maya (aka Noodle). She takes us back to when Maya was seven months old and labeled “untrainable” by three families. Kathy oversaw Maya’s journey from a persistent dog who chased anything that moved to a responsive and devoted companion.

Listen to hear Kathy explore what she has learned from her time with Maya.

In this episode:

  • How to stop doubting your decision when you take in a new dog
  • Why traditional obedience training doesn’t work
  • How an “untrainable” dog can become a life partner


“Keep your eye on the prize, stay the course and keep going, no matter what.”

“Each dog has been a gift rich in experiences, adventures and lessons that I could share with others to help ease their way with their dogs.”

“There’s the common and debilitating mindset mistake of believing that your dog is uncooperative and is giving you a hard time. That all dogs should conform and all dogs should be trained to be obedient to identical standards.”

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